Reiki (rei = spirit, soul and ki = life energy) is a form of laying on of hands that was rediscovered and established in Japan in the 19th century by the Buddhist monk and scholar, Mikao Usui. It was spread in the western world by the Hawaiian Hawayo Takata, she was the first master outside Japan.

Reiki means something like “universal life energy”. The idea behind it: This energy is always available and can also be used to treat other people. Through the application of Reiki, self-healing powers are to be activated, blockages are to be released, body and mind are to be regenerated and thoughts are to become clearer again.

What happens with Reiki?

Unlike other forms of massage, Reiki is a gentle method with flowing movements and is performed on the clothed body without any aids. The “universal life force” flows through the hands of the Reiki master, activating the self-healing process, relieving anxiety and stress and helping to loosen blockages. He places his hands on certain parts of the body or holds them over the respective zone without touching it. Many report a pleasant warmth during the process, some fall asleep.

The soothing laying on of hands is probably innate in humans: Just think of the hand on the cheek for a toothache or pregnant women who intuitively touch their belly.