About Thomas Stockert

Thomas Stockert started learning Shiatsu in Wiesbaden in 1983.

He learned Shiatsu techniques such as Zen Shiatsu from Shizuto Masunaga or Wataru Ohashi and also Barefoot Shiatsu from Shizuko Yamamoto. He completed his training as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1986.

After several years of practice and activity, he went to esoteric fairs and presented his Shiatsu work.
Here he was asked by various institutes whether he would like to offer Shiatsu training. And so he began to offer Shiatsu training in various cities. Until he finally offered shiatsu training in 8 big cities in Germany and also in Switzerland and Austria until 1994 and successfully trained shiatsu practitioners.

In 1994 Thomas decided to move to Lanzarote and to run a seminar center and to offer intensive seminars in Shiatsu there every year and with success.

Also later from 1998 he started to hold Shiatsu seminars in Spanish. However, the Spaniards unfortunately lacked discipline and perseverance, so that he then stopped holding Shiatsu seminars for the time being.

After many years of practice as a Shiatsu therapist and also as a masseur in various hotels and sports clubs and also in his own practice, he decided to offer Shiatsu intensive seminars on Lanzarote again.


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