The Shiatsu Training or Seminar

This training on Lanzarote has the advantage that the nature elements (fire, wood metal water earth) are directly in close environment experiencable. The science of the five elements is to be experienced so close and be seized that easily which becomes in Shiatsu a central meaning. The intensity of training in the period of three sequential weeks accelerates a learing and deepens the knowledge.

The attention and sensitivity for other participants as well as the perception of the own body and the energy of the Shiatsu partners will increase there by in more briefly time on a high measure.

We will work in these 3 intensive weeks at the topic body consciousness refering to Shiatsu,  in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The participants arrive  thereby fast into its center (Hara) and the concentration on the actual is increased.

The course is held in a pyramid, the “center pyramid Lanzarote”. The seminar is supplemented with different body exercises such as Yoga, DO-IN, Chi-Kung, Meditation, breathing  and others.

The goal of this training is to reach your certificate in order to be able to practice Shiatsu


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10am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm. Times can be agreed upon and changed in the group

€ 1.450

Thomas Stockert

14 persons (maximum) and 8 persons (minimum)

In the Shiatsu training you will learn:
  • perceive and touch the different energies of the body experience with itself and with others 
  • theoretical background about Shiatsu 
  • Self-estimate for the finger and palm pressure for the appropriate treatment pressure 
  • Hara and Shiatsu exercises to practice 
  • Back treatment 
  • Legs meridians are studied and treated as well as the feet 
  • Meridians are regarded under the aspect of the energy emptiness and the energy abundance and differentiate this at the body level 
  • Arms meridians are studied and treated as well as hands 
  • Location of certain pulse qualities at the body (meridians) 
  • practice head, neck and shoulder treatment 
  • Acupressure points are studied at the head, neck and shoulders 
  • Hara and back diagnosis are learned by certain viewpoint 

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